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Most of my publications can be found on arXiv and all of them in Google Scholar. Here is a selection:


 There are a few under review works that you can still access online:

  • F.T. Tabesh, Q. Hassanzada, M. Hadian, A. Hashemi, I.A. Sarsari, and M. Abdi
    Strain induced coupling and quantum information processing with hexagonal boron nitride quantum emitters
    arXiv:2106.15396 [quant-ph]
  • M. Rezaei, K. Javidan, H. Ramezani, and M. Abdi
    Fast and efficient deterministic quantum state transfer between two remote mechanical resonators
    arXiv:2003.01175 [quant-ph]
  • M. Zarei, S. Shakeri, M. Abdi, D.J.E. Marsh, and S. Matarrese
    Probing Virtual Axion-Like Particles by Precision Phase Measurements
    arXiv:1910.09973 [hep-ph]
  • M. Abdi, R. Mohammadi, S.S. Xue, and M. Zarei
    Distinguishing Dirac from Majorana neutrinos in a microwave cavity
    arXiv:1909.01536 [hep-ph]

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