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Quantum World

I regularly update this page with news from all around the world about quantum mechanics that come into my interest:

22-Feb-2019: Quantum Rifling; Researchers in University of Queensland have recently shown that the measurement back-action on the state of a qubit can be retracked by strongly driving the qubit, which they call the effect quantum rifling:
"More specifically, for a fast evolving qubit the measurement returns the time-averaged expectation value of the measurement operator, erasing information about the initial state of the qubit while completely suppressing the measurement backaction. We call this regime quantum rifling, as the fast spinning of the Bloch vector protects it from deflection into either of its eigenstates."






10-Sep-2019: Foundational; Nicolas Gisin from University of Geneva has recently argued about indeterministic nature of classical mechanics. The preprint appears in as Real Numbers are the Hidden Variables of Classical Mechanics. You are encouraged to read the full article whose abstract is:
Do scientific theories limit human knowledge? In other words, are there physical variables hidden by essence forever? We argue for negative answers and illustrate our point on chaotic classical dynamical systems. We emphasize parallels with quantum theory and conclude that the common real numbers are, de facto, the hidden variables of classical physics. Consequently, real numbers should not be considered as "physically real" and classical mechanics, like quantum physics, is indeterministic.

05-Apr-2019: Foundational; I truely enjoyed reading this preprint article The experiment paradox in physics. Here is the abstract:
Modern physics is founded on two mainstays: mathematical modelling and empirical verification. These two assumptions are prerequisite for the objectivity of scientific discourse. However, the authors claim that the two are contradictory, leading to the `experiment paradox'. They argue that any experiment performed on a physical system is–by necessity–invasive and thus establishes inevitable limits to the accuracy of any mathematical model.

16-Mar-2019: Foundational; Physicists from LANL have recently published a theoretical work about formulation of time-energy uncertainty relation. Since in quantum mechanics time is a parameter and not an operator the systematic formulation does not apply to the long believed time-energy duo and their uncertainty. This new work sheds more light on the aspect.
Their work appears in Physical Review Letters.

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