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Group News

Here you can find the latest news from our research group:

10 Jun 2022: Publications; Our paper "Probing virtual axion-like particles by precision phase measurements" is now published in Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

24 May 2022: Publications; Our paper "Accelerated Gaussian quantum state transfer between two remote mechanical resonators" is now published in New Journal of Physics.

25 Dec 2021: Member Achievements; Mehdi Abdi has won the Kazemi-Ashtiani award offered by BMN.

14 Oct 2021: Publications; Our paper "Strain induced coupling and quantum information processing with hexagonal boron nitride quantum emitters" is now published in Quantum Science and Technology.

23 Aug 2021: New Member; Dr. Marjan Fani just joined us as a Postdoc. She is now working on hybrid optomechanical systems.

02 Jun 2021: Member Achievements; Mehdi Abdi has ranked 22 among the top national researchers in the period of 98-99, according to ISEF.

29 Apr 2021: Publications; Our paper "Continuous-variable multipartite vibrational entanglement" is now published in Physical Review A.




10 Oct 2020: New Member; Dr. Zeynab Harsij just joined us as a Postdoc. She is now working on dynamcal Casimir effect.

07 Oct 2020: Publications; Our paper "Theoretical study of quantum emitters in two-dimensional silicon carbide monolayers" is now published in Physical Review B.

05 Oct 2020: New Member; Dr. Fatemeh Tabesh just joined us as a Postdoc. She is now working on quantum sensing of magnetic fields.

25 Sep 2020: Publications; Our paper "Giant shift upon strain on the fluorescence spectrum of VNNB color centers in h-BN" is now published in npj Quantum Information.

07 Jul 2020: Publications; Our paper "Continuous-variable entanglement distillation by cascaded photon replacement" is now published in Physical Review A.

27 May 2020: Group Achievements; The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has approved our proposal for Research Group Linkage Programme and to finanicially support our collaborations with Martin Plenio's group [Institute of Theoretical Physics in Ulm University] for three years.

14 May 2020: Member Achievements; Mehdi Abdi has ranked 15 among the top national researchers in the period of 97-98, according to ISEF.

30 Apr 2020: Member Achievements; Yasamin Mardani has won Shahid Ahadi Award from BMN for doing a PhD in IUT. Congrats Yasamin!

25 Nov 2019: Publications; Our paper "Dynamical quantum phase transition in Bose-Einstein condensates" is now published in Physical Review B.

What is this about:
Phase transitions are usually revealed by non-analytic features in a physical observable by changing a control parameter, e.g. magnetic field in Ising model. When such features are exposed by evolution, that is, when the varying parameter is time the phase transition is called "Dynamical".

Bose-Einstein condenstates form a set of non-interacting boson modes. One normally does not expect any superprising behavior such as phase transition in such system. Nevertheless, our study suggests that this seemingly trivial system undergoes dynamical quantum phase transition that can be observed via a probe two-level system.


28 Sep 2019: New Member; Mohammad Sharifian just joined us as a PhD student. He is now working on optical detection of dark matter.

27 Aug 2019: Publications; Our paper "Non-Gaussian macroscopic entanglement of motion in a hybrid electromechanical device" is now published in Physical Review A.

14 Jan 2019: Publications; Our paper "Quantum Effects in a Mechanically Modulated Single-Photon Emitter" is now published in Physical Review Letters.

What is this about:
Frequency combs with fine and orderly teeth are generated out of the single photons emitted from a jiggling atom (color center).

When the electronic degrees of freedom of a quantum emitter strongly couple to its motion the radiative transitions get modulated so strongly that the outgoing photons start forming a regulatory framework in the frequency domain; a comb. We show that this can indeed happen for a color center in a freestanding hexagonal boron nitride membrane where the coupling is provided by the Casimir effect.


26 Oct 2018: Publications; Our paper "Analog quantum simulation of extremely sub-Ohmic spin-boson models" is now published in Physical Review A as a  Rapid Communication .

What is this about: 
A class of spin-boson models with extremely sub-Ohmic spectral densities is shown to be simulable in an analog fashion: Color centers hosted in a two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride membrane are subject to peculiar vibrational spectra that resemble different noise spectra. The spin thus experiences a quantum phase transition.




18 Apr 2018: Publications; Our paper "Color Centers in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Monolayers: A Group Theory and Ab Initio Analysis" is now published in ACS Photonics.

What is this about:
We theoretically study physical properties of the most promising color center candidates for the recently observed single-photon emissions in hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) monolayers. Through our group theory analysis combined with density functional theory (DFT) calculations we provide several pieces of evidence that the electronic properties of the color centers match the characters of the experimentally observed emitters.



23 Dec 2017: Personal; I just started working in Isfahan University of Technology as an Assistant Professor.

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