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Electromagnetism II

Open the back of your mobile phone (if possible); can you see the antenna back there? Why it is so small compared to those of TV antenna that appear on the rooftops?
Provising an answer to this question is one of the goals of this course. We shall lecture about the following topics:

  • Magnetic Induction
  • Magnetic Energy and Work
  • Quasi-static Currents
  • Maxwell Equations
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Dispersion: Microscopic Theory
  • Optics, Waveguides, and Resonators
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Electrodynamics
  • Special Relativity for Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetism I
  • Mathematical Physics I
  • Mathematical Physics II
Grading Policy: 

Assignments  25%        +
Mid-Exam     30% || 45% +
Fin-Exam     45% || 30% 

Total       100%

Mid-Exam Date: 1397-8-30

The students can also attain some bonus points (up to 10%) by performing and reporting a tiny research project. The project can be done in groups (not necessarily the same group for the assignments) and must be presented orally for the class. The other students will assess your work.

Teacher Assistants: 

Yourselves! Together, you can solve any problem including electromagnetics problems.



  • Sun. and Tue. 8 - 10  (Phys. 1)
  • Wed. 10 - 12 (Phys. 4) [every other week for excercises and problems]


  • Sun. 10 - 12
  • Tue. 16 - 18
Fall 2018

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