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How to Install your QuTiP

A super-short recipe for installing QuTiP on your computer:

  1. If your OS is MS Windows, then you need to install Visual Studio 2015 or higher (VS 2015 Community is available to download for free).
  2. Now download and install Conda (you can either go for the smaller version miniconda or the full distribution Anaconda, it is a matter of disk space).
  3. Next a Conda environment for QuTiP should be created. Use the following command to get this:
>> conda create -n qutip-env python=3
  1. If you have opted to install Anaconda go to the next step. Otherwise, some packages must be installed first:
>> conda install numpy scipy cython matplotlib nose jupyter notebook spyder
  1. To download qutip add the conda-forge channel
>> conda config --append channels conda-forge
  1. Eventually, install qutip:
>> conda install qutip
To check if everything is installed properly go to python, type the following, and press Enter:
>>> import qutip.testing as qt


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